Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Being Human - Series 2 Storyboards (BBC)


And here, as an extra "treat", are a selection of boards from Series 3 -


Turok Reader said...


funnily this is the only scene i have seen of that show - which my sister was watchinh

i`m showing her when she gets home so i can say "my friend did that"

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

Hah, that IS funny!

Your radar is attuned to NICE alumnus.

Beezer B said...

THis is a good look Anthony. Niiiice.

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

Cheers, Beez!

Will Shyne said...

Can't see it out of the UK.
Damn you BBC.

Mickey said...

Never actually bothered to check Being Human, but this makes me wanna. Snazzy!