Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Hello! Up to now I have been happy to merely post the odd image, intermittently, without any accompanying explanation beyond that which can be gleaned from the title and keywords. Well, as of this week I will be posting on, at least, a weekly schedule. The posts will still be light on text, for the most part, but then this is an art blog and not the place for me to play at the frustrated writer. I will also share any news pertaining to the pieces posted here.

The image above is a piece of concept art for an upcoming comic project that I am very excited about! To say much more than that, and to talk about with whom I will be collaborating, would at this stage be impolite, but rest assured that I will be delighted to share more illos and information as and when appropriate.

Finally, many thanks for popping by and, indeed, for your interest! Keep an eye on this page as I have some cool bits lined up for the next few weeks, and further beyond!


Hurk said...

nice, nice, NICE!
thrilled to see some new stuff- keep it coming

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

Cheers, man!

The plan is to get something posted at least once a week.